tego♥massu=LOVE (katrinasacay) wrote in newstalgia,

DAY 665

so yeah, your lazy mod is back on posting. no post for the whole month of november. ;__;
but anyway, here's keichan's gifs from "kashika show".

he's really gorgeous on this show. too bad it's just a one episode appearance. the show is also very educational and infomative. :D


see that? asdfshdshds. oh kei-chan. *A*

"let's kashika show~". adorable leader is adorable. :3

when he was explaining something.

this part was when one of the kids in the show said that she likes tamamori, and kei-chan was like "he's my kouhai". xD (though i'm not sure with that) LOL

the scary "why-didn't-you-choose-me" look. ahahaha! but if i were there, i'd surely say "i love koyama!". xD

and last one. xD

facepalm. 8D

Tags: koyama keiichiro, tv shows
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