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MOD POST: Just Checking

It's been a while guys!
Just dropping by to make this MOD POST.
LJ has been purging accounts in the past few years and since this community has so much memories in it, we want to keep it alive (somehow) by posting from time to time. We wouldn't want this comm to be tagged inactive.

Nevetheless, we updated some settings and changed the expired images from our header and profile.
If you're still here in livejournal, then congratulations!

Hope you're all doing well despite this on-going global pandemic.

Let me know if you have suggestions or anything! :)

DAY 658

Almost 2 months since my last post here... Sorry T^T
Honestly, I lost my drive to make gifs.  I just tend to scroll LJ and weibo then stay at twitter whenever I'm on the internet!>,<
Anyway, have some NEWS gifs from a new video/clip....Finally!!XD; 

Of course you know why I gif-ed this.xDD but Massu, I thought you're gonna graduate from skirts/baggy  pants already!D: lol

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